Dear Fellow Patriot

Politicians like that are the reason we're stuck in a never-ending loop in Colorado.

It goes like this: 

Gun owners like you demand your elected officials protect and defend your Second Amendment rights.

But the politicians trample on your gun rights anyway  . . .

. . . then, around election time, they come crawling back to you, the voters, begging for forgiveness in hopes of being elected again even though the damage is done.

Even anti-gun Governor John Hickenlooper unsuccessfully tried to cozy up to gun owners by apologizing for his mistakes last week.

(Sorry, John. You had your chance.)

But before we head down that road in November, we've got a big problem we need to deal with first in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary, which wraps up in just a few days.

You see, one of the candidates, Bob Beauprez, isn't just stuck in a lip-service loop when it comes to your gun rights -- he's been driving around in circles for years

Despite claiming to be pro-gun now, Bob Beauprez has repeatedly attacked your Second Amendment rights in the past.

*** Bob Beauprez voted for mandatory trigger locks, and a ban on traditional ammunition in Congress.

*** Bob Beauprez even supported Amendment 22, cracking down on legal gun transfers at gun shows.

Remember, cracking down on gun shows was the piece of legislation that set us down the path that resulted in Governor Hickenlooper’s sweeping ban on private firearm transfers.

That's right.

Thanks in part to Bob Beauprez backing gun control in the post Columbine-era, it passed and made it much easier for Michael Bloomberg and his east coast minions to impose their agenda on Colorado last year.

So if you like the New-York style restrictions on your Second Amendment rights, you'll love Bob Beauprez.

That's because -- if nominated -- one of two things will happen:

1 - He'll lose and Governor Hickenlooper's draconian anti-gun reign will continue until at least January of 2018, or;

2 - He'll win and become an anti-gun standard-bearer for the Republican party, assuring that no serious effort to repeal the anti-gun laws will happen over the next four to eight years, if not longer.

Quite frankly, if Both Ways Bob Beauprez becomes the Republican nominee for Governor, gun owners lose no matter what happens in November.

But if he does become Governor it's a safe bet that you and I will have to work just as hard to get Bob Beauprez to sign any meaningful pro-gun reforms -- including repeal.

We'll probably need to work even harder because some weak-kneed Republicans in the General Assembly will eagerly embrace any political cover they can get to vote anti-gun, or at least not have to vote pro-gun.

So the question is:

Do you really want to trade one anti-gun Governor for another?

I hope your answer isn't just No, but a resounding "Hell No!".

We simply cannot let all that we've worked so hard for over the past year go to waste!

That's why I am urging you to return your Republican Primary Ballot right now, and vote for RMGO Super PAC endorsed candidate, Mike Kopp.

But time is running out.

Please vote for pro-gun candidate Mike Kopp and return your ballot right away!

Remember, in order to count, your ballot must be RECEIVED by Election Day, June 24th.

A postmark is not sufficient.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

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